Friday, September 19, 2008

7 Weeks Old!

Brynna turned 7 weeks old yesterday. She was not too obliging in the picture department last evening, though...the best we could do were pictures of her back as she was crying into Alex's shoulder. So, I cheated a bit and re-took some shots this AM, when she actually looked celebratory. Look at that beautiful gummy grin!

Here's Brynna all dressed up for the La Leche League meeting on Tuesday. I thought her "baby woman" onesie would be appropriate wear:

Brynna received a most wonderful handmade quilt from Steph this week, and we have been using it for "tummy time," since it has nice bright patterns to look at. Isn't she strong?

And isn't she just as cute as can be?

Jasper is much more comfortable with Brynna now. He likes to keep an eye on her, whether she's snoozing on the couch:

Or playing on her new quilt:

This weekend we'll be transitioning the three of us out of the guest room where Alex and I have been sleeping since June, back to our regular bedroom upstairs. Mainly, we have to carry the cradle and the changing table upstairs and reorganize things a bit to make room for what will be Brynna's little nursery-nook. We've been pondering this move for a couple of weeks but are now going to actually carry it out, as my dad arrives Sunday for his first (of many) stints of Brynna-watching, and it makes a lot more sense for him to stay in the actual guest room. I head back to the clinic next week and am so incredibly glad that when I head out on Monday morning, I will be leaving Brynna in my dad's experienced and snuggly hands!

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Beth said...

LOVE the pics! She's growing so quickly!!