Monday, September 1, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

We are having a wonderful long weekend, featuring a visit by Aunt Katherine. She has contributed her expertise to the making of baby food for Brynna! Brynna won't start eating solids until at least four months, and probably not until six months, but as there is not much fresh produce in either Minnesota or New Hampshire in February, Kate had the wonderful idea of using the farmers' market bounty to freeze some baby food in anticipation.

So, on Saturday morning, we did an enormous shop at the market, and then got to work peeling, chopping, steaming, pureeing, and freezing. (Actually, Kate did the lion's share of the work, all the credit is definitely hers!) The stove was quite busy:

Here's Kate working on the melon:

So we've ended up with peas, plums, zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, melon, carrots, and apples. Brynna is such a lucky girl!

In the meantime, Brynna has had her first couple of bottles. As recommended by breastfeeding experts, we held off introducing a bottle until four weeks, but now we want her to get some experience so she's good to go when I head back to school. So I have started pumping after Brynna's morning feeding, and I'm freezing some of that milk for the longer term and also keeping some in the fridge for her to practice on. She had her first bottle while I was out for a run (so as to avoid confusion), but earlier today she was willing to have a bottle while I was around, though I don't feed her myself. I did take a photo:

Brynna is clearly eating quite well...according to our bathroom scale (which is only accurate to the half-pound), she's about eleven pounds now. This increase in weight has had some lovely benefits: she slept for six and a half hours straight last night!

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