Saturday, September 20, 2008


I would not ever claim to be a gardener. I do a little gardening, but I think to claim the title, I would need to have more enthusiasm and aptitude for it. Nevertheless, I must say I am quite proud of this clutch of peppers I harvested from our garden today. We only have one picture-perfect Red Knight so far, but there are a few more on the way. The green ones are Poblano, a slightly hot variety that I am experimenting with sun-drying. The purple ones are, aside from their color, almost the same as ordinary green peppers. The long red ones are Jimmy Nardelo, one of the few chili-type peppers that is sweet, not hot.

There are still many of each variety that are growing and ripening. We'll see how far we can get in the next month or so before we have to start worrying about the frost.

As great as it is to have our own peppers, it is good we are not relying solely on these for the coming winter. We have instead been buying up large amounts at the farmer's market of late, cutting then freezing. Mostly we have focused on sweet red peppers, but have expanded into yellow bananas and the purple ones, which create a nice color blend. We have four or five large ziplocks frozen up already, with perhaps one or two more to come.

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