Monday, September 15, 2008

Pics from CT

There are many, many more, but here are some highlights from Brynna's east coast debut!

Brynna at 6 weeks old.

Two greats: great-grandfather Dickie with his great-granddaughter.

M reading Mike Mulligan. He would insert snide remarks about the devious town selectman of the story being a Republican.

Brynna's great aunt, down from Boston.

Brynna with Hilary's godparents (Brynna's great-godparents? They certainly are great) and Paul and Gail, who all remember Hilary from before she was this small.

The paparazzi turns on itself.

Holly with an amazing quilt made for her - a grandmother's quilt, which is to remain with her for when Brynna is around.

Watching the world from her papa's shoulder.

College friend Kristin.

Auntie Sara the baby-whisperer.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Brynna got a bit fussy from all non-stop, multi-day stimulation, and will probably welcome being back in boring ol' Minnesota with her boring ol' parents before long. We just have another another harrowing trip to the airport first.

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