Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Today was my first day back in the clinic, where I am finishing the week of diabetes clinic that I was on when Brynna decided to join us. Over the last couple of days, I carefully prepared a list of things that I needed to pack. Last night, after Brynna went to sleep, I checked things off.

I steam cleaned and put together my breastpump for the morning. I packed up extra bottles and extra pump parts. I loaded Brynna photos onto my iPod for provoking speedy milk let-down in the pumping room. I returned my pager and ID tags to their normal place in my backpack. I set out my suit. I boxed up a serving of leftovers for lunch, and filled my lunch bag with healthy snacks. I washed my water bottle. Then I found my stack of endocrine notes and articles from the days preceding Brynna's arrival and stayed up until 12:30 reviewing thiazolidinediones, sulfonylureas, and the onset and duration of action of different types of insulin.

Brynna woke up hungry at 5:15, and by the time that she nursed and I pumped the remainder of my milk, it was just about time to be awake for good. All went smoothly...Brynna went back to sleep while I got ready for the day, and then, with impeccable timing, woke up to nurse the last 15 minutes before I left, a lovely interlude for which I had carefully budgeted time.

Then lunch came out of the fridge, the ice pack for the milk came out of the freezer, and out the door I went at 7:30, hopping on to my bike and pedaling off toward the clinic. I was feeling like Superwoman. I am mommy! I am within-sight-of-being-physician! I can manage both of these roles with superior organizational skills!

Less than fifteen minutes later I was on the endocrine floor introducing myself to the resident and logging on to a computer. I put pens in my pocket and pulled out my clipboard, stocked with scrap paper and the template for diabetes appointments. Then I glanced at the doctor sitting next to me...who was fiddling with his stethoscope.

Right, his stethoscope.

I have one of those. Have had one for awhile. It's dark green, very lovely. Useful for checking hearts, lungs, carotid bruits.

And was hanging on our coat rack at home.


It turned out to not be a big deal at all. I was observing some educational sessions in the morning and wouldn't have used it even if I'd had it. Then, due to the quick progression of things in the morning, I got to go home for almost two hours at lunch. Then I did remember to bring my stethoscope back for the afternoon...just in time for the endocrine fellow to borrow it!

All in all, it was a nice, mellow first day back. I did not feel guilty or upset, which I'm sure has a lot to do with the absolute confidence of leaving Brynna with my dad all day. They had a lovely time, and though Brynna took a bottle quite happily during the day, she has been nursing almost non-stop since I got home. It may turn out that she will eat sparingly during the day and then make up for it when I am around. This is actually quite flattering, though possibly tiring if it continues all night!

Tomorrow is only the morning at work, then home in the afternoon and off to a big celebration dinner that the Department of Engineering is throwing in the evening. Will try to post some more pics of Brynna soon...and eventually we'll catch one of that smile head-on.

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