Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Excitement

Lots more photos, to make up for the infrequent blogging these days...

We had a wonderful, relaxed Thanksgiving. We cooked, and when we were done cooking, we ate. We had mostly old favorites (Tofurkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, apple pie) and a couple of new treats—I made a pumpkin pie from scratch from a beautiful, local pumpkin, and Alex made a pecan pie!

Here is Brynna examining her turkey card with Grand:

Here's a family portrait before dinner. Dogs turn out to get green eyes, not red ones, and red-eye reducer in iPhoto doesn't fix green eyes. Oh, well.

Over the weekend, Mom and I took Brynna to see the Festival of Trees, because she thought Brynna would enjoy all the lights. Yes, indeed!

She is getting heavy (about 15 pounds now), so we are working on new ways to carry her:

She likes pretty much any mode of transportation, as long as there's something to drool on:

Our favorite tree, with a moose theme:

And our other favorite, a Harry Potter tree:

Brynna will mouth ANYTHING these days. We're training up another good little tea drinker:

Hanging out on the couch:

The weather has gotten cold and snowy, but we don't let that stop us! There was some sun this afternoon, and Dad and Jasper and I took Brynna out for her first of many, many runs. The jogger worked great (thanks, Kate!). There is a front plastic panel that we folded down after taking this photo, and that kept the wind off of Brynna, which was a good thing as it was already chilly enough—about 16 degrees. We also covered her with another thick layer on top of her fleece bunting, which was already on top of a fleece sleeper.

She looks a little puzzled by this new conveyance, but she rode along quite happily! Jasper was also quite tolerant of the new, potentially terrifying stroller, so that bodes well for occasions in the future when I will want to take them both out together. It's much more fun to go with Dad, though. We just switch critters halfway through, splitting the pushing-the-stroller workout and the skating-along-on-icy-pavement-after-the-charging-dog excitement.

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Chaosbeana said...

I love the family picture - I can't wait to see all of you!!!!