Monday, December 29, 2008

Adventures in Solid Food

It is perhaps a little early to start introducing solids to Brynna, but we thought we'd give it a go anyway. Solids, in this case, is a relative term mostly meaning "something other than breast milk." One starts with purees of various things, and only in tiny, taster quantities. Brynna won't be getting a significant amount of nutrition from solids for months still.

We started with some mashed pear in Rochester, NY. You've already seen how well that went.

Next we tried some mashed sweet potato. We even had special tiny spoons with rubberized tips for Brynna to try. This was an unequivocal bad idea: after smearing it all over her face, Brynna decided that screaming her head off would be a better alternative.

Yesterday, at Hilary's aunt and uncle's, we made another go with some pear. Again, just a dab on the finger. Again, after smacking her lips a few times, Brynna decided it wasn't all that great.

But hey, according to experts in the know with prior experience (Brynna's grandparents), Brynna will in fact gradually come to like real food. From afar, at least, she shows a definite interest in what we're eating these days.

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Beth said...

THAT bad, huh, Brynna?