Saturday, December 6, 2008

Joggin' in the Cold

Thanks to Brynna's Aunt Katherine, we have a wonderful jogging stroller for Brynna. Until recently, however, Brynna couldn't hold herself up well enough for us to feel safe using it. The recommendations are to wait until six months or so, but Brynna is quite precocious. And it's just in time for a chilly start to December - perfect weather for going running.

Brynna's getup for this kind of outing, with temperatures in the teens this afternoon (and falling), is thorough to say the least. Her typical clothing these days is a fleecy suit of some sort. Over this she gets a warm sweater and a comical conical knit hat (with ear flaps!) before being put into her Dartmouth bunting. A thick blanket is placed under her in the stroller before she's strapped into the harness, which is followed by M's warm jacket. The mesh cover of the stroller is pulled down, followed by the clear plastic cover to block the wind. So far as we can tell, she is incapable of movement by this point - but hopefully also incapable of feeling the cold.

Of course, anytime someone goes running in this house, Jasper wants in on it.

Even if Jasper is highly suspicious of this stroller thing.

And they're off!

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