Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Happenings in "The Other Rochester"

Brynna is now almost five months old and has been cleared by her doctor to start solid foods. I plan to wait until about six months before we get very serious about anything but breastmilk, but she is SO interested in watching us eat that we actually feel a little guilty. So, when we all sat down to eat the other day, and there turned out to be pears for dessert, I mushed up a piece and we offered Brynna a taste.

She was very curious at first:

But didn't turn out to be such a fan of the grown-up spoon thing:

And was a little skeptical of the pears being offered on Dad's finger, too:

So, we'll keep practicing with this new texture thing!

Brynna has also spent a lot of time sitting on the couch, hanging out with Grandma while I study away on my computer and Alex tries to whip various electronics into shape.

We're back on the road tomorrow for the much shorter trip to Connecticut (six hours per MapQuest, probably more like eight with little B in tow). The windshield wipers are fixed, and it looks like we'll need them, as there is supposed to be an abrupt warming and change to rain. Just when I thought Brynna's first Christmas would be white! Much better for driving than a blizzard or an ice storm, though...

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