Thursday, December 25, 2008

(Second) First Christmas

We forgot to blog yesterday, but we were on the road again. We have moved on from Rochester, NY to rural CT, where H's parents are. We lucked out again with the weather - although it was raining, it was well above freezing (low-mid 40s) and the roads were clear. The wipers had been fixed by then, so even that wasn't an issue. We managed to make great time: at about 7 hours door-to-door, it was only about a half an hour longer traveling with Brynna than we would manage otherwise. We also had one less passenger, my Da staying in Rochester of course.

And now it's Christmas! Despite the rain, there's still enough snow remaining here to call it a white Christmas (of course, the 18+ inches of snow in Rochester definitely made for a white semi-Christmas on Monday). So, on with the pictures:

Grand reading Brynna a new book found in her stocking.

Brynna can give the Gerber baby a run for its money.

Brynna and her great-grandfather Dickie.

I don't have an actual caption for this picture - you can fill in the blanks for maximum humor.

Brynna has a highchair, and just loves to have a good view of her audience!

Brynna primarily interacts with the world through what she is able to get her lips on. I don't fancy this will make a new chew toy, however.

Predictably, Brynna is much more interested in the wrapping paper than in the object it contains.

Brynna taking after Jasper: hiding out under the furniture.

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