Monday, March 15, 2010

Dinner Table Conversation

We were all sitting at the kitchen counter having dinner a few minutes ago. Alex and I are feeling pretty good, because look, we're all having dinner as a family! We're going to have trusting relationships and no teenage drug use and all of those nice things. At least until Brynna gets old enough to read on her own, at which point we can all default back to reading at the table.

Brynna: DONE!

Alex (looking at me, desperate to extend the few quiet moments that we are enjoying): We could feed her a few shriveled up grapes to jolly her along...

Brynna: RAISIN!

Alex: oh, come on! She can't possibly have understood that.

Brynna: RAISIN!

Alex: Seriously?

Brynna: RAISIN!

So now we're sitting here, and Brynna is eating raisins. And giggling.

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Anonymous said...

Wait 'til she starts understanding what you spell! I'd give it about six months.