Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lucky Seven

Brynna's vocabulary is exploding these days, which is quite entertaining. She now sits in the backseat and sings a fairly decent facsimile of the ABCs, with stretches that actually sound like real letters.

This evening before bed, we were reading the excellent One, Two, Boo, which showed up from Deen and M at Halloween and has been a hit ever since. Like many other toddler tomes, it is a counting book, and so as I was reading to Brynna, I asked her to count the different spooky items on each page.

She started off with "one" haunted house, "two" black cats, "three" pots boiling and bubbling...and then carried right onward to the astonishment of her parents until she had finished "seven" spiders creeping!

Then she totally lost interest after "one, two" of the eight brooms. Ah, toddlers.

We did know that she was starting to be a fairly accomplished little counter, since over the weekend she was counting with Deen and we heard her say "one, two, three, four, five, blue, seven, eight," but the existence of "six" this evening came as a surprise.

So, apparently she's inherited her father's math skills. Algebra to follow shortly.

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