Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Early Spring Weekend

This past weekend, my parents came up to give Alex a hand with Little B during the last gasp of my Medicine rotation (call on Friday night, then all day Sunday). The weather was glorious, so everyone spent a lot of time outside. I woke up from my Saturday "nap" (also known as "the remaining 6 hours of Friday night's sleep") to find that the yard had been raked and Alex was well on his way with re-stringing Brynna's swing.

High five, Dada, this swing is terrific!


When we exhausted the backyard jungle gym options, we headed off to the park. Brynna loves to do monkey jumps on the way there:

There are several slides at the park, including some side-by-side ones where she emphatically directs you to your place, and then takes your hand and slides down next to you. Here she is finishing a round with Dean:

(Mom started off as "Grand" to Brynna, but that has morphed into "Dean" as Brynna has started talking more. I like it.)

There's also a much bigger enclosed slide that Brynna has been eyeing for several weeks and edging towards, before saying "done!" and dashing away. This weekend there was a raucous crowd of older kids playing tag around the jungle gym, and they were zooming down it, then climbing back up the outside. Not to be outdone, Brynna marched right up to the top, sat down, and slid on down...then did it about seventeen more times!

(Yes, that's Jasper fuzz in the lower left hand corner).

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Beth said...

so glad the weather is so much better so you can get outside! looks like you're having a blast! miss you guys already!