Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dinos! Part 2

Yesterday evening, Alex's company had a special night at a local science museum to showcase the visiting dinosaur exhibit. We took Brynna to partake in the nerd-fest, and she was very excited to see all of the other kids.

She bravely approached the giant T-rex head at the entrance:

When it came time to enter the animatronic part of the exhibit, however, she was a little more skeptical. She got inside this first room with the swimming dino, which was making an odd, pinging, radar-type noise, looked up at us, said "done!" and walked right back out. We tried again with her in Alex's arms, which worked better.

She did get comfy really quickly, though, and spent the next couple of hours zooming through the exhibit.

She's been screaming "Dinos!" at random intervals ever since.

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Allison and Jared said...

don't you scream dinos at random intervals? because I do!