Monday, March 10, 2008

Hallo, crumpet!

The crumpet is 19 weeks along today, and according to our book, should be able to hear us right about now after ossifying the inner ear bones. (I certainly hope our baby will be a Husky fan, as there's been a lot of UConn women's basketball to hear the last couple of days.)

We had an ultrasound last week, which was wonderful! Since there was a student ultrasound technician first, the whole thing lasted about half an hour. Crumpet was very active, kicking and waving and talking and swallowing the whole time. All the detailed anatomy measurements look great. We (and more importantly, the obstetrician who signs off on everything) could see the brain ventricles, the heart and great vessels, the kidneys, and all the large bones of the extremities. Here's a profile shot (that's head to the left, face-up). The clarity of the actual ultrasound was much higher than these scanned photos of thermal-print images.

I can also feel crumpet kicking and somersaulting quite frequently, several times a day at least. It's getting stronger, but unfortunately still cannot be felt from the outside. One of these times that I wake Alex up in the middle of the night to feel, I'm hoping that crumpet actually obliges with a good hard kick!


Beth said...

Is that some red hair I can see on the crumpet's head? What a cute baby!!

Clara said...

You're going to SPAWN!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! *runs in fear*

Seriously though, I'm very excited for both of you. That ultrasound is pretty cool looking. And of course I promise to do my best to be a terrible influence on the crumpet as he or grows up.