Thursday, March 20, 2008

Many celebrations

Happy birthday, mom!

Happy anniversary, mom and dad!

Happy Match Day, 4th year medical students! Today is the day when medical students all over the country found out where they will be spending the next few (or many) years completing their training. Alex and I just returned from an all-school Match celebration. The first through third year students all chipped in so that the fourth years could drink free at one of the downtown clubs, and the entire crowd was partying hearty when we slipped out. One 4th year matched in family med (29% to primary care residencies overall, but that probably includes a lot of people who will end up being subspecialists after their initial training in internal medicine or similar). Most popular specialties from our med school? Internal medicine, diagnostic radiology, pediatrics, anesthesia. 35% will stay within this hospital system to train as residents. And that's probably enough statistics to bore you all with.

And finally, happy spring! I almost forgot that one because after a beautiful sunny day, there's now a winter storm warning and we're supposed to get 4-8 inches of heavy wet snow by the end of the day tomorrow. I'm very concerned about our crocuses, which have just started poking their stems above the soil in the last few days. Apparently the snow is going to melt off quickly, though. I am really ready for spring...especially after finding two cute spring dresses when maternity shopping with Beth the other day!

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Beth said...

Happy birthday Mom and Happy anniversary Mom and on a birthday? I love it! I hope it was a fabulous day!

I hope spring comes soon, too! Especially because I know just how GREAT Hilary looked in both of her new dresses and the rest of her new clothes, including the ones she wore today! :D