Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jasper the Weirdo

Over the last week or so, Jasper has become increasingly insistent about waking us up in the morning. For the last couple of months, he has spent the last hour or two of the early morning snoozing in the middle of our bedroom. When one of us gets up with the alarm (usually Alex), Jasper leaps up and runs downstairs to be let outside.

But over the last few days, he has started wandering around the sides of the bed—particularly Alex's, which tends to have less of a jumble of things next to it for Jasper to be scared of—sniffing around and breathing loudly. He has started this earlier and earlier. At 5:30 yesterday morning, he poked at Alex, and when rebuffed, laid down and chewed through the closest power cord. Yes, this was on Saturday morning. Saturday. We were not pleased.

This morning, we laid really still when we heard him coming (movement seems to encourage him that we might be wake-up-able), and after a few cursory sniffs, he settled down on the floor for a longer nap. He did leap around the room with joy when I finally got up at 8 to let him out, but it was otherwise a quiet morning. He didn't chew anything up. We got another hour of sleep while he was outside. Then, as we were settling in and maple syrup-ing our waffles, we let him back inside. He wandered through to the living room, turned around to watch us getting our breakfast ready in the kitchen, and vomited all over the floor. Nice.

The rest of the day has been generally uneventful. We'll see if he does anything weird on our walk this evening.

Perhaps he has us in training for the crumpet?

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