Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jasper and the Goose

We took Jasper out for a long walk last weekend. Since it was very damp and just above freezing, we skipped the local dirt/grass trails in favor of a sidewalk loop around Silver Lake. Silver Lake is home to its own species of giant Canada geese, which live there year-round thanks to heated water emitted from the city power plant.

Jasper and I have run around the lake many times in the past, but that was always on a short leash, staying focused on the exercising task at hand. We had him out on his extendable leash this time, so he was doing a fair amount of wandering and sniffing. Finally, we reached a point on shore where a gaggle of geese were clustered. Most of them squawked and flew away into the lake as we approached, but one very large goose just kept strolling along the bank. Jasper walked tentatively in his direction, receiving an indignant honk for his attention. Quite taken aback, Jasper paused, and then in a flash, dropped into predator mode and sprinted flat out at the goose.

The goose started running, but not fast enough—before it could get off the ground, Jasper caught up to it and snatched a tail feather! He returned to us, prize in mouth, looking very pleased with himself. We have never seen him do anything so brave!

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