Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Computer and Virus

"Computer" and "Virus" are generally two words you don't like to hear in combination. However, in my case today, it wasn't what you might think. Yesterday afternoon, I started feeling a cold coming on - the virus in this pairing. By Jasper's (late) evening walk, I was a runny-nosed, fevered, sneezing, and thoroughly exhausted fella. Things hadn't really improved by this morning; rather, the virus had merely entrenched itself. It is a rare thing that I get sick, so getting hit twice in a few months is a real drag.

So, I - gasp - didn't go into work this morning. I dozed in bed for a few hours while half-listening to yesterday's primary results on NPR, then get up to doze a bit more on the couch. This is when the silver lining of my illness appeared: I happened to be home when the FedEx guy pulled up and delivered my new computer! Yup, with a little shuffling of the finances, and a little assistance (thanks, Dickie!), and I was able to order myself a shiny new MacBook Pro this past weekend. I checked the FedEx tracking over the last few days as the machine made its way from Shanghai, to Anchorage, to Memphis, and finally to Rochester late this morning. I figured it would arrive sometime tomorrow, and I'd have to rush home from work to go out to their warehouse in the evening. Instead, because I was laid low, I was able to be there to receive it in person.

The laptop was stone cold, however, so I have yet to do so much as boot it up (that's next). There's a relatively lengthy process in migrating to a new computer, and getting things dialed in just so. I didn't want to delve into that until I had enough time to do it properly. I don't do well just sitting around the house waiting to get well, either. So, I ended up back at the office for the afternoon. That might have been pushing it.

I will be writing much more about my new acquisition in the days to come, but suffice to say this thing is one sweet piece of work. In a word, it is just more - more screen, more memory, more processing power, more battery life. More more more!

Ok, I'm over myself now. Now if only I can get over this cold, too.

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