Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chicago Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend in Chicago with Lucy and Steve!

After getting up at 5 AM Saturday and driving, driving, driving our way to the Windy City, we arrived around noon at Lucy and Steve's beautiful new condo. After buying it, they spent the last month doing a lot of work around the place, and it looks wonderful!

After a mellow afternoon (including a nap), we ventured out to an Italian restaurant that came highly recommended by one of L&S's friends. The meal was indeed delicious, and we all saved enough room to split chocolate cake, lemon ice, and homemade tiramisu for dessert. We also stopped by a great bookstore called Women and Children First, where I found the crumpet her first book in Spanish.

It was the moose that first caught my eye, but the entire book turns out to be full of gorgeous colors, with felt-figure illustrations.

On Sunday, we started off the day with breakfast at Tweet, which is an incredible breakfast place that we try to go to every time we visit. They have tons of veggie and vegan options, and also emphasize local food and free-range animals. Then, Lucy took me to Bloom for a prenatal yoga class. It was a great experience, since I have been practicing yoga daily at home with a couple of DVDs but haven't been to a live class since I stopped being able to do the normal abdominal work! There were about 35 women there, ranging from 6 to 38 weeks of pregnancy (I had lots of company at 27 weeks as well). I will definitely be checking to see if there is a prenatal yoga class in Scottsdale that I can attend.

Then we strolled around some neighborhoods, stopped for crepes, and eventually ended up back at home where the guys were working their way through the newly acquired Star Wars Lego Wii game. Once they conquered Episode I, they handed over the Wii-motes to us ladies. This is the only time over the weekend that we remembered to take photos, so here are a couple. As you can see, Lucy is doing some fancy lightsaber work and I am looking clueless. Pretty much par for the course. You should have seen how many attempts it took me to figure out how to get my character to jump over things on screen! It was very appropriate that Lucy was playing Qui-Gon Jinn (the Jedi Master) and I was Obi-Wan Kenobi, the padawan.

Lucy took Monday off to hang out with us in the morning, and we took a beautiful walk along Lake Michigan. The weather was perfect, and we had a chance to admire the goings-on at the dog beach, which Jasper would love. After lunch (Lucy and I spent much of the weekend eating stinky cheese that the guys hate, and this meal was no different), Alex and I hit the road again.

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Clara said...

Have you seen the Good Dog Carl books? http://www.gooddogcarl.com/
They are cute, and the Rottie in them is funny. :)