Thursday, May 8, 2008

More spring photos

Our lone daffodil has been joined by many other blooms! Everything popped while we were away in Chicago, thanks to heavy rain followed by a couple of sunny days.

Here are tulips in the front beds (and a nice view of exactly why our front steps need replacing, which will happen later this summer):

The daffodils in the side yard:

And the ultimate sign of warm weather, the first laundry of the year hung outside to dry! I made it home from a shopping trip just in time to run outside and rescue all the nice dry clothes as a rain shower began.

Things have been very busy the last few days as I get ready to leave for Arizona on Sunday. My apartment keys have arrived, and I've printed out all the rotation info and filed it away. Today, we took two boxes of stuff to the clinic shipping department...they will send it to Scottsdale for free! So lots of books (study books, books to read to the crumpet, and books I can read for pleasure if I get a moment to myself), some mac and cheese, some clothes, and some office supplies are on their way. Hopefully everything else will fit in the 1-piece, 50-pound allotment from Northwest.

I'm also hard at work tying up loose ends on my research project, trying to store away winter clothes (and summer clothes that are simply not going to fit this year), finishing the crumpet's registry online, and a wide variety of other projects, both school-related and personal. There are two racks of wool sweaters drying on the porch...I hand-washed all of them, we are on Day #2 of waiting for them to finish drying. (The porch smells like wet sheep.) There are little piles of going-to-Arizona stuff scattered in various rooms of the house. There are three running lists on my computer desktop (Scottsdale packing, Scottsdale stuff-to-send-ahead, and a grocery list for when I actually get there). I tried to take a nap today, but kept remembering things to add to my lists, so it was a bit of a bust!

I'm hoping that a final burst of activity tomorrow will result in a fairly relaxed Saturday and Sunday morning to spend with Alex and Jasper before boarding the plane. Also very much looking forward to tomorrow's lunch with Beth and a class cook-out for dinner!

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