Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knee Walker - update

Well, it's been about 134 hours since I last posted about the oversized knee walker that I've been asked to build, about 40 hours of which have been devoted to just that. When you consider there was supposedly a long weekend in the middle there, I'd say that's pretty good.

Here is a CAD model of what we're building. To provide some scale: front-to-back is about three feet, floor-to-handlebars is five feet (to my shoulders, basically), and the wheels are 10" in diameter.

The rear axle assembly: hubs, bearings, even a disc brake.

At this point, just about all the parts are on hand and ready to go. A few are still being milled out, but things look hopeful to be able to deliver the finished device on Friday. Now that the design is mostly there, I've turned my attention to assembly while the Shop finishes cutting some of the more intricate parts.

If things go as planned, the thing should be finished and ready to deliver on Friday.

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