Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Housework

When I got home from work yesterday evening (yes, evening. The knee walker is still demanding some long hours) I was met with a surprise: someone had walked off with the front steps.

I kid you not. When I left for work yesterday morning, I trotted down the prefab-ed concrete front steps that have been with the house for who-knows-how-long. When I got home, they were gone. In its place was something that resembled a wooden staircase, with stringers and risers, except that they lacked actual horizontal steps, and there was caution tape around the whole setup. They took the railings, too.

Ok, ok. So it wasn't marauding concrete fairies or scrap metal meth-fiends. A few months back H and I had signed up with a subcontractor to replace the front steps, because they were starting to fall apart and weren't very attractive to begin with. The contract didn't specify an actual date - we had just verbally agreed that they'd come and do it when they had a gap in their schedule. I guess yesterday was that gap. You'd expect that they would have called at some point, though.

I am hoping that, when I get home today, that I will find a complete set of front stairs awaiting me (concrete or wood). Or, at the very least, a note or phone message or something. Otherwise it's going to quickly become an awkward relationship with our handymen.

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