Monday, May 19, 2008

A New Project

So, per the advice of a real estate agent, and our own desire to improve our living space, Hilary and I have decided to redo some stuff in the bathroom. Since Hilary is in Scottsdale, this means that I am actually redoing the bathroom. No, really, this was planned - this avoids exposing the unborn to paint and other fumes, or so goes the theory. Also, if there's going to be serious disruption in our one-and-only bathroom, it's best if only one of us, the not-so-pregnant one, is inflicted with it.

Goals: replace the vanity and sink, inset medicine cabinet, and repaint the walls to something less...uh, spongy.

The first task: remove everything so that I can paint. For tonight, this means you, Mr. Medicine Cabinet of the 1970s!

It took me a little time to figure out how this thing was held in place. Turns out it was a combination of screws into the ineffectual walls and a whole lot of caulking around the edges. After slicing the caulk around the edges, and a little persuation from a crowbar, the cabinet actually came out pretty easily.

I suppose I should have realized, given the vintage of the house, that the walls were honest-to-God plaster and horsehair. Still, it's a bit of a shock when you're confronted with the shocking horror or reality.

That's all I was able to get tonight.

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