Friday, August 8, 2008

1 week old!

Yesterday was Brynna's one-week birthday, and we celebrated in fine style!

A few weeks ago, I saw an article in a local magazine about several farms just over the Mississippi in Wisconsin who have wood-fired pizza nights. We headed off to Smith Gardens Farm, taking along a really nice bottle of champagne to toast the occasion. The pizza was fabulous, made with all of the farm's own ingredients, and it was a delightful picnic.

Here we are, waiting for pizza (Brynna, however, did not have to wait for her dinner...she is snuggled under the blanket, eating):

The oven:

And some random photos from the last few days. Here's Brynna showing off her gDiapers and her pink Pooh hat:

Quite alert, joining us around the coffee table for dinner a few nights ago:

Post-bath a few nights ago:

Resting with her grandfather:

All continues to be well. Grandma and Grandpa S arrive today, so there will surely be photos from that upcoming!

And in a little bit of non-baby news, I received word yesterday that I passed Step 2 CS, the looooong and expensive exam with the mock patients that I went to Chicago to take a couple of months ago. Whew!


Kate said...

Keep those pics coming - Auntie likes! :)

And CONGRATULATIONS on passing your exam! I know it was a challenge but of course you did great!!

Love, Kate

Clara said...

Brynna is quite a beautiful baby.

But you know that when she is a teenager and her first crust Googles for her and finds all these pics she is going to be so embarassed. :D