Friday, August 15, 2008

Two Weeks Old!

Brynna was two weeks old yesterday. As with last week, we considered this a good opportunity to get out and have some great food! This time we headed for Lake City, MN, and Nosh, the restaurant where Alex and I had our anniversary dinner last month. Brynna, as you can see, was very impressed by the ambiance:

We had a fabulous meal with lots of tasty local ingredients. My heirloom tomato salad featured basil ice cream, which is as weird as it sounds because the taste simply doesn't match the texture and temperature, but it was very yummy all the same! For dessert, we split a couple of delicious homemade sorbets: sour cherry and red currant.

Brynna was totally conked out until the very end, when she started to fuss and we headed out to the car to feed and change her. What a champ!

Then we took some photos in front of the Mississippi. Brynna, true to form, had her hands in front of her face for every single one of them! I think this is the best one:

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