Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 weeks old!

Sorry, we've been a bit lax with the photos and updates this week. Brynna is doing great! She spends most of the day eating and sleeping, and then she has a few alert periods scattered throughout the day. During those, we usually read to her, play music, or otherwise try to do some interacting. She makes very good eye contact now and can even follow my face if I move slowly across her field of view. No social smile yet, it's a little too soon, but it's going to be a killer when it happens!

Brynna often gets a bit fussy right before bed, but after an hour or so settles down, eats, and then is very amenable through the night. She gave us almost 4 and a half hours of straight sleep last night! And we've pretty much got the lying-down breastfeeding figured out, which means that I barely have to wake up. Alex changes her and then rolls her into bed next to me to eat. Eventually one of us realizes she's done, and returns her to her swaddle in her cradle. Or I feed her again.

Here are a couple of photos of her in her cradle, which my grandfather made for me. Could she be any cuter in her little sleeper? Well, I suppose she could be wearing the matching hat.

Big yawn:


I love this shirt:

Here is Brynna reading with her Dad. She really seems to be focusing on the bright pictures:

And here are a couple from today. This one is with Beth, who gave us the birthday boards and who stopped by to visit this afternoon:

Here is Brynna next to the yummy arrangement that showed up from Grand and M (my parents) today. I ate off the entire back half before Alex even got home from work...but left this part for the photo op! Brynna seems a little annoyed that she cannot partake in the chocolate-covered pineapple. Her chocolate-colored gDiaper will have to do for now!

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