Monday, August 4, 2008

A few photos...

All is well with our expanded moose family! Even Jasper has stopped looking quite so nervous when Brynna shrieks, and he has gotten quite close and given her a good sniff. He even walks around the house with me when I am trying to soothe her at night.

Here are some photos from the first couple of days.

Brynna in her hospital bassinet, where she probably spent about ten minutes total:

Quality time:

Hanging out with dad:

We were eager to leave the hospital as soon as possible, which was basically once we were reassured that Brynna was getting the hang of the breastfeeding thing. Given that she was born just after midnight on Thursday, we could have stayed Friday night as well, but everything was going well around midday Friday, so we left that afternoon. Per hospital policy, I had to be wheeled to the door with Brynna on my lap in her carseat. This is actually a good thing public health-wise, since it ensures that every family leaving the hospital HAS a carseat and knows how to use it. However, we wanted to walk home, not drive! (The nurses couldn't quite get their heads around this one, but saw that we were determined, so we left with only about sixty-three warnings to not overdo it). When we got to the lobby, we switched Brynna into her backpack carrier, and my parents took the car seat and our other bags home, then walked out to meet us and take a few photos. Here are a couple of shots from the journey:

At home:


Brynna is a delight! She's even a pretty good sleeper for a little one, only waking us up twice last night to feed. We had a quick checkup with her doctor today, and all looks well. She makes adorably funny faces, generally eats with gusto, likes to suck on her hands (the picture of her in her carseat is pretty typical), and, as far as we are concerned, is the best baby in the world.

More to come as we have a chance!


Kristin said...

CONGRATS!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I am so excited for you!

Jared said...

I can't wait to see her!!!