Friday, August 22, 2008

3 Weeks Old!

Brynna was 3 weeks old yesterday. No big celebration this week—we'll have to do something big for 1 month—but we did take a photo before all heading out for Jasper's evening walk. Here we are:

Jasper has become much less shy around Brynna, and has started poking his nose onto the couch to sniff at her when she is resting there or sitting on our laps. He'll be licking her feet (his favorite pastime with his humans) in no time! He has also not been as terrified of the stroller as I thought he would be, though I haven't yet ventured out solo with dog on leash and baby in stroller.

Brynna was a champ at the committee meeting this morning, sleeping in my arms throughout. (She stays asleep longer when being snuggled.) Then we visited Alex for a few minutes at his office. I think Brynna was too distracted by the unusual morning schedule to nurse very well despite several offers, so she lost it a bit as we headed out through the clinic. I discovered that the big main atrium is quite the echo chamber for a crying baby! Luckily, the nice ladies at the information desk were able to direct me to a nearby "family room" where I could feed her again, and she was then sleepily content for the walk home.

We're hoping for a nice relaxed weekend. There's a school picnic tomorrow that we are planning on attending tomorrow, and Alex is hoping to make some progress on the bathroom project, which has been on hold for a few weeks! And we can probably count on plenty of napping for the whole family.

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