Sunday, August 10, 2008

One More From the Birthday

Friends Beth and Cassi made these adorable little age signs. This one says "I am 1 week," and there are "month" and "year" placards as well, and little numbers to hang on them. Beth suggested we use something as a size comparison each time we took one of these photos. Jasper was our first thought, but he didn't come with us to the Wisconsin picnic. So we figured the champagne bottle would serve nicely!


AnonymousNancy said...

I LOVE THAT KID! I wish I was with you guys now so I could be hanging with all of you. You are in my thoughts!

I love Jasper too:)

PS-You inspired me. I started my own blog.

Clara said...

Wow! Both of you look so happy in that 1 week picture. Brynna looks a little... sleepy? bored of the camera? Hard to tell since she is still so cute. :D