Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Dose

A weekly infusion of our little Brynna bean:

I promise you there is actually a child in there, somewhere.

Brynna has this Dartmouth bunting that was given to us by good friends. It will be very cozy for Brynna in worse weather. Thankfully that will be sometime in the future, when she can better fill it out. For now, in the moderately cool weather of early autumn, with Brynna not more than two months old, it is still very cozy, but downright comical in its over-size. The tall pinnacle of a hood will continue to be funny. It reminds me Maggie's snowsuit in The Simpsons:

Brynna at nine weeks. I promise that we will not refer to her age in weeks forever (I'll tear up when, at 1140 weeks, she graduates from college). For right now, it's still the most convenient unit. Besides, we've got these really cool signs - why not use them?

Brynna takes the election very seriously. She likes to catch up on her reading while taking in some tummy-time.

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