Saturday, January 19, 2008


"Brrr" is really all one can say about the weather today. But, since that makes for a pretty lousy blog post, here's a bit more:

It was twelve below when Hilary and I got up this morning. We bundled up in preparation for some Saturday morning errands: bread, farmer's market, library, returning some dress shoes, etc. My car wouldn't start. It had been used as recently as yesterday, but I guess the cold just sapped it of the will to live this morning (that, and I think it's still on its original battery, at 50,000+ miles). Thankfully, Hilary's car did start, which was a very good thing. Hers has a battery that's less than a year old, which was replaced when it had a string of life-less mornings last winter.

Now the errands are taken care of, and we are probably going to hang out (at home, inside) for the rest of the day and listen to the meter tick away the gas our furnace is using. Oh, and we'll take Jasper, who seems immune to the cold in his woolly shag, for a long walk later today.

Checking the weather outlook for the next few days, we probably won't break ten until the middle of the week. A real Minnesota winter, at last.

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