Monday, January 28, 2008

New Rotation! And Basketball Fun.

Alex has been very diligently updating the blog, and I figured it's my turn to post about something!

I started my two-week family medicine rotation today. I'm really hoping that I like it, given that I have turned in my early application to the NH-Dartmouth Family Practice residency/combined MPH program! We had class all morning, which was a nice chance to catch up with some classmates I haven't seen in awhile and to relearn some pharmacology. Then it was off to the clinic for the afternoon. I am lucky enough to be doing the rotation at the more rural clinic where the family med residents see their "continuity patients" (patients they will follow through all 3 years of residency). The afternoon was great, and the most exciting part was getting to put a cast on! All those years of polo-wrapping horse legs are finally paying off.

The only downside is that we have a patient writeup due tomorrow, and it is midnight and I have just finished it. I should have been in bed an hour or two ago...

One of the reasons that I'm up so late is that I had a basketball game tonight—the med school has a team in the city women's league. We are currently doing very well, ranked #2, and we won big tonight. It's lots of fun, though I am definitely one of the less-experienced players on the team. Mostly I try to play good defense and then stay the heck out of the way on offense. Tonight, though, I had what will probably be my one good play of the entire season: I made a breakaway layup while getting pushed from behind. Now, if I could only manage to score when we are not already totally blowing out the other team...Anyway, for one shining moment I felt like I could play basketball again, and felt like I was doing a little bit of justice to the number 21 that I wear. (For you non-Connecticut people out there reading this, number 21 belongs to Jen Rizzotti, the UConn point guard from 1992-1996, who now coaches the Hartford Hawks).

It's also been delightfully warm the past couple of days, in the forties. However, we are about to pay, as temps will go negative over the next day or two and all of that melty stuff will freeze into a sheet of ice.

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