Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Quick Note

Jan 6, 1600 GMT

Just a quick note right now - this internet cafe I'm at it a fair bit expensive than our usual one in Radda. Plus, I am using their computer, not my iPhone, so haven't had a chance to compose things beforehand.

Where and I, you ask, that has this different setup? This is a little cafe in San Gimignano, a quintessential hilltop town about 20-30 miles west of where we are staying. It is technically outside the Chianti area, so their wine cannot be counted as "Chianti Classico". Instead, they call it a different kind of chianti, even if it uses the same san giovesse grape as Classico. They only do some of that, however, and instead produce a delightful white wine based on the Vernaccia grape, which is just wonderful. Seeing as how it has been pouring rain most of the day, and it is a Sunday, and it is an Italian holiday (happy Three Kings' Day, everyone), there isn't much open. The museum of wine, however, is open, so we spent some time sampling the local varieties. It was great. Now we are enjoying a quick cappuncino before hitting the road back for home.

More posts in the offing, stay tuned!

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