Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jasper's Outdoor Adventures, Part II

Here are some photos from today's excursion.

First, Jasper on his way to the field. We decided to try his Muttlucks (booties) today, to see if he'd prefer not to have the snow ball up in his paws. (He is very insulted by being referred to as Twinkletoes, don't even think about it.)

Apparently he'd rather have icy paws. The booties lasted about ten seconds after he started running, with two falling off right away and Jasper yanking at a third with his teeth. Once free of his restraints, he was happy to resume yesterday's pouncing activity:

We brought a different toy today, a sort of tennis ball dumbbell, thinking that it might be easier for Jasper to hold on to and thus perhaps get the idea of bringing the fetched object back to one of us. He did hold it for a little longer today, and even took a few steps with it a couple of times:

Mainly, though, Jasper would pounce on the toy, grab it in his mouth, drop it, bat it around, pick it up again...and then decide that it was time to take a rest:

Yup, that's our puppy. Totally oblivious to the cold. A moose of the north indeed:

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