Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter Returns...With A Vengeance!

It's currently -11, with a windchill of -40. We had a giant blizzard today, causing all of the local schools to dismiss before noon, and the rural clinic where I was working to actually close for the afternoon! There's four to five inches of new blowing snow on the ground, doing a nice job of covering up the ice underneath.

But I only fell down once today, despite spending about an hour and a half walking (into school and back, twice, and Jasper's evening romp).

Jasper is utterly unfazed. We think he is a Husky in disguise.

PS - Congrats to ourselves! This is blog post #101.

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Jared and Allison said...

oh my gosh- seriously.. does the weather just think this is funny? I am COLD