Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snow in Tuscany

January 3, 0800 GMT

Yes, it is hard to believe, so I have included this picture. It is not a heavy snow, hardly worth noticing in Minnesota or New England, but it is enough to keep us pinned down this morning. You see, the place we are staying at is about halfway between Castellina and Radda, on a stretch of unmaintained, twisty dirt road. The driveway is an awfully steep and unpaved affair, traveled exclusively in first gear for its whole 1/4-mile length. The usual caretakers of this place were kind enough to leave us their set of tire chains so that we'd be able to get up the driveway in slick conditions, but so far we have decided to hold off and see if the sun would come out. As of about 10 this morning, all we have received is more wet snow.

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