Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My One Tech Post Ever

I usually leave the geeky stuff entirely up to Alex. But today I have two tech notes to contribute.

1. I have a new cell phone! After smashing my old one on the ice and suffering a few weeks with Alex's old, barely-functional version, we went to the Cingular store on Sunday and picked up a brand-new phone. It is a cheapo Samsung, one of the only phones in the store without an mp3 player (though I could not avoid a camera). The salesman didn't quite seem to believe me when I said that all I wanted to do with the phone was TALK on it. No texting, no internet, no mp3. The phone is actually great, I'm quite pleased with the interface, the general look, and the fact that it actually WORKS.

2. Along the lines of "smartphones," the phone that I REALLY want is a 16 gig iPhone. However, this does not exist yet, and Steve Jobs' big address today did not unveil it (booo!), so it looks like I will be waiting for awhile, consigned to using three devices (cellphone, palm pilot, and iPod), where I dream that someday only one will do. As I mentioned in a previous post, my iPod is 5 years old (it is a 10 gig, which was the medium size at time of purchase) and starting to show its age. I would like something with more storage, since the Harry Potter books take up a fair amount of room. It also does not play movies (how passe).

My two options for a new device are the classic iPod (now available in 80 and 160 gig versions) and the iPod Touch, which is a stunningly beautiful iPhone-esque device available in 8 and 16 gig. As tempting as the Touch is, it is much more expensive for much less storage. So the current plan is to go ahead and get an 80 gig classic iPod. This will hold our combined music collections AND some movies and will thus be a great travel device even when we both have iPhones.

And then I will hope for the next generation iPhone. Come on, Apple! We bought your stock! Get going!

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