Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ever since we moved here, we have faithfully subscribed to the local paper. Its political stance is sometimes questionable, and we never, ever read the Bill O'Reilly syndication, but it's a good way to know what's going on in town.

It also, of course, has a comics page. We both have our favorites...Alex is partial to Doonesbury, and I've been particularly enjoying this week's pro-breastfeeding storyline in Stone Soup.

But, if you ever see me rolling on the floor laughing because of one of the strips, put your money on it being Pearls Before Swine. I think Pearls is probably a bit of an acquired taste, but try it for a week or two and see what you think. I'd be a little afraid to meet the artist, who in person might be hilarious but also might be a total jerk, but he sure does draw a wonderful comic.

If you are a graduate student or have ever been one, check out Alex's cult favorite, Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD). If you get really into it, let us know, as we have the two books of published strips.

This last one isn't really a comic strip, but is darn funny. Ill Will Press has short flash animations of a neurotic squirrel mocking various aspects of modern culture. The best ones are Small, Medium, Large (lower right of the vault) and Tech Support (the first one...there are now four). Caution! The language is very foul, so you might not want to blast these out loud at work.

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