Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Upgrade Cycle, part II

As they have done every tuesday this year so far, Apple announced some product upgrades today. Some of the upgrades have been below-the-radar stuff, like the next version of Aperture, or the price cut and size increase in the iPod shuffle.

Today, however, they released something I was waiting for - upgrades to the MacBook Pro lineup. With the upgrade comes the introduction of the latest Intel mobile processors (45-nm, power sipping processors formerly code-named Penryn), power-saving LED-backlit displays, a bump in default memory (2 GB) and hard-drive space (200 GB, to start), and the addition of multi-touch trackpads that debuted with the Air.

Ok, so many of you probably don't care. But, since I've had my eye on this upgrade for a while, it was welcome news to me.

Now I just need to figure where to get the funds.

Other interesting tidbit - a new version of the iPhone firmware which, on the face of it, doesn't actually do anything besides bug fixes. On the other hand, many have noticed that it is a rather large bit of software for just bug fixes, and many are speculating that it introduces support for 3rd party applications via the as-yet-unreleased SDK.

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