Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No, they can't

There is hardly a serious video on YouTube that is not, in short order, spoofed to some degree or other. Face it, there are just too many people in this world with lots of time on their hands for anything to be sacred and revered for long.

In that spirit, a number of videos have been crafted in the style of Will.I.Am's inspiring ode to Barack Obama. First, let us examine the John McCain take on it:

Obviously, this video is not sanctioned by the McCain campaign.

Next, consider this music video in favor of Hillary:

This video, while probably not the direct output of the Clinton campaign, is at least purportedly done by her supporters [UPDATE: here's the source - a Silicon Valley exec and Clinton supporter]. In that case, you have to wonder: are they out of their freakin' minds?!

1 comment:

Mark said...

It's just something Mitt Romney had left over, and they slapped a different name on it.