Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Triple ByPassers

On Monday, the medical school women's basketball team (the Triple ByPassers) scored another big win, finishing the regular season ranked #2 in our league. I didn't play this week, deciding that my changing shape and posture might not be very conducive to a good defensive stance or a quick run down the floor.

This let me cheer from the sidelines and admire the very talented play of my teammates. It also made me turn to Alex and say, "If we have a daughter, I hope she plays sports like these girls"...that is to say, hard-charging, all-out, but still having fun.

Then I read articles like this: Female Ref Refused. And then I feel really bad for girls who are living in what, to me, sounds like the Middle Ages. Also for the boys who attend that school, who are probably in for a rude shock in the real world!

Even though I'm done with basketball and the weather is not so good for running (still snowing, still well below freezing), I'm still trying to get plenty of exercise. In addition to Jasper's nightly walk, Alex and I have been trying to get to the gym three or four times a week. We're big fans of the spinning classes, which are a great workout (though the disco ball takes things a bit over the top). I've also been doing a lot of yoga, since my back is protesting the change in curvature as my abdomen starts to expand.

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