Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pregnant "Fashion"

The other night, I got to the gym for spinning class, tossed my outer layer in a locker, glanced in a mirror, and did a double take. What was that thing under my shirt? Suddenly, I am convex where I used to be rather flat. It's very strange.

I suppose this should not come as a surprise. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that my regular sized pants were quite uncomfortable around the waist. I do have two suits the next size up, which are still nice and comfy, so I've been wearing those a lot and just changing tops. If the weather ever gets out of the single digits, I will break up the monotony with some skirts!

There turns out to be an actual solution for this growing-out-of-your-clothes problem, and it is called the Bella Band. I won two of them on EBay last week, and they just arrived Friday. They will smooth over the unbuttoned waistband on my too-snug pants, allowing me another few weeks in my regular dress attire. (After my psych rotation is over in three weeks, I will not need suits regularly again until I return from my surgery rotation in mid-June. At that point, I will be pregnant enough to get away with basically any attempt at business wear.)

We also went to Target last weekend to check out their maternity clothes. I'm not big enough yet to fill out those stretchy-waisted pants (though the BellaBand can assist with snugging those up, as well), but I did buy a pair of black pants that fit the rest of me nicely, and a tunic that I liked and thought might not be there if I went back for it in a couple of months. Too lazy to model those tonight...

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