Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Power of Passive Solar current outside temperature: -9 (windchill -25)

What are Jasper and I doing as I write? Lounging on our south-facing, unheated porch, sharing a bag of chips. I—the queen of being cold in just about any situation—am very comfortable in jeans and a fleece. It's probably 70 degrees out here, thanks to a brilliant sun all day.

MPR says that last night might have been the last really cold night. I'm not sure if I believe them, as they said that last weekend, and it wasn't true! It would be great just to have a few weeks in the teens and twenties (above zero, if you please), so we could go play outside in the snow a bit more.

But the days are most definitely growing longer, so I suppose it will be spring eventually!

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