Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brynna's Boynton Books

We have a wonderful collection of Sandra Boynton board books, which we read to Brynna almost daily.

The combination of her fascination with bright colors and her starting to reach out for objects produced these adorable shots the other day (we are reading But Not the Hippopotamus, for those of you who are Boynton fans):

And here's a cute one from tummy time. I was trying to catch a big grin but couldn't quite time the photo properly. Brynna, as you will note in these photos, is now sporting a bib pretty much 24/7. When she was born, I kept wondering what all the cute little drool bibs were for. Now I get it...all over my arm, my clothes, her hands, her clothes, the Boppy pillow...

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Beth said...

I love the purple froggy bib, and it's so fun to see Brynna interacting with her books! So cute!