Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jasper the Mighty Hunter

Jasper, on our daily walks along a bike path next to a small stream, has been known to go charging off after small creatures he finds - squirrels and rabbits mostly, even the occassional goose. Tonight, under cover of darkness, he managed to get far out ahead of us at a bend in the river and at the top of a little rise. When we called him, we were surprised to see one massive shadowy figure charge down the slope, followed by a second, in the dim light of the sodium lamps.

Turns out this night, Jasper has rustled up his'self a deer to chase. The deer had a decent lead on him, and though we heard much crashing through the woods, eventually Jasper emerged without his prey. He didn't seem too put out, but probably wondered why his pack didn't back him up in this elaborate ambush. We could remind him that, though we are indeed his pack, we are not really the hunting type, and would't have been much use in chasing down a deer Besides, we're vegetarians - even if Jasper doesn't know his kibble contains no meat.

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