Thursday, October 30, 2008

Counting Down

Like the rest of the country, we are very eager for next Tuesday to roll around, so that the looooong election season is finally over. This weekend, we wrapped up our political donations for the year. (We're really talking token amounts, but we like to put at least a little of our money where our mouths are.)

We've tried to focus mainly on state-level races, since we have some big important races right at home. We've given directly to the Minnesota DFL (Democrat-Farmer-Labor party), and we've also supported the reelection campaign of our wonderful Rep Tim Walz. Minnesota also is ground zero for a super-close Senate battle between Al Franken, the incumbent Republican Norm Coleman, and an Independent candidate who is polling around 20%. Alex especially is a bit skeptical about Franken—mainly his ability to transition from a partisan hit-man into a productive legislator—but we donated to the campaign anyway, in the name of the largest possible Democratic majority. I feel better about Franken because I have chatted with and absolutely adore his wife Fanny, so I figure he can't go too far wrong in office or she will whack him upside the head.

We have, however, given nationally for two causes:

1. To the Obama campaign, for reasons that have been thoroughly explored in other posts.


2. To Equality California, a LGBT-rights group that is working hard to preserve California's gay marriage law. This so that other families can have the celebrations and the security that Alex, Brynna, and I have been granted without question. This is so that Brynna can marry and make a life with whomever she chooses when she grows up (except, perhaps, a Yankees fan). We support this cause in honor of our family and friends whose love and commitments are as deep as our own, and so very deserving of recognition and protection.

We're hoping for good news on all counts on Tuesday.

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Clara said...

Thank you for giving to No on 8. Shari and I have been donating and have huge giant signs on the back of both of our cars. :D