Saturday, October 18, 2008

Visit from Sara

Our very good friend from college, Sara, came to visit Brynna this past week. We also happened to be there, but mostly Sara was here to see our little girl. We're getting used to that.

We ate very well while she was here. Lacking cable, we had dinner at a nearby tavern so that we could watch game 3 of the ALCS, looking on in horror at how miserably the Sox were doing. The following evening we had some pumpkin ravioli, which I made from scratch the day before, with a roasted red pepper and mustard sauce. Aside from the flour and some olive oil, it is possible that all the ingredients for this meal came from the farmer's market. This is my attempt to recreate a decadent dish I once had at the Fresh Pasta Company in Northampton, MA. According to its recipients it was great. The following evening, Thursday, had us back at Nosh. There aren't any TVs at Nosh, but we kept up on another Sox falling apart via my iPhone. Imagine our surprise, upon returning home, to hear that somehow the Sox had tied it up, and went on to win and force a game 5 (tonight).

Alas, Sara has had to move on to her next social engagement. Too bad, because Hilary has her first work-free weekend in many weeks. We are going to the season opener of the Rochester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale. The program is Beethoven's Big Night, which will include the fifth symphony. Brynna will be left in the able care of one of Hilary's classmates. It is possible that this will be the first date that Hilary and I have had alone since Brynna was born.

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