Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Turned Cold

It turned pretty cold two days ago. It was dreary and overcast all day Sunday, started to drizzle, then turned to snow. I hear that the East Coast is currently under this scourge now. Much as I enjoy winter weather and all that comes with it, the speed with which it came on was a little unwelcome.

But, hey, even though the temperatures fell below freezing in a serious way, it was a great chance to try out techniques and clothing we'll use on Brynna when it gets genuinely cold. In addition to her usual outfit was an extra pair of socks, fleece leggings, fleece jacket, knit mittens, hat, and her Dartmouth bunting. Then getting swaddled into the Ergo carrier with Hilary, and a down jacket over the whole setup. Good grief!

The sad part is that, after all that work, for unknown reasons, Brynna started bawling about a block into our evening walk, and Hilary had to take her home. It's possible that a touch too warm.

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