Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Big Day, With More Photos

So, I am a doctor now. (Yikes!)

Graduation was a good time, despite having to go early in the morning for no apparent reason (lots of standing around in a conference room, which at least was a chance to chat with classmates), and despite the fact that the faculty were given a breakfast buffet, but not the pending graduates!

Brynna and Alex had to watch from the upper level of the auditorium, where they banished the babies. There were very nice speeches from one of the PhD students and one of my classmates, and then we traipsed down to center stage one at a time, collecting our hoods on the way. We heard our names with "Doctor" in front for the first time, were hooded by two of the deans, and received our diplomas from a third. Yippee!

With dear friend and classmate Beth, who is also going into family medicine (if you live in Wisconsin, she's the doc for you!)

Beth and I with Dr. B, our research mentor and psychiatrist extraordinaire:

With my proud parents, who have supported this entire journey in every way imaginable:

Ah, the indoctrination begins. This is Brynna with my old Fisher-Price doctor's kit:

We celebrated big-time that evening at one of my favorite restaurants. I don't seem to have those photos (if you were there, and have some, send them to me!) but there was lots of red champagne and Brynna smeared beets all over her face, making such a mess that the very helpful waiter took her tray away to have it washed in the kitchen before we left.

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